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Science Publishing Group (SciencePG) is an Open Access publisher, with more than 300 online, peer-reviewed journals covering a wide range of academic disciplines.

Brief introduction of SciencePG:

  • 300+

    Open Access Journals

  • 20,000+

    Editorial Board Members and Reviewers

  • 11,000+

    Served Universities and Institutions

  • 600,000+

    Registered Scholars

If you are interested, you could join by following the procedures outlined below.

Here are the procedures:

Step 1: If you don't have an English CV, you can download the provided CV template for reference.

Step 2: If you haven't registered yet, please create an account by visiting:
Step 3: After registering, log in using your username and password:
Step 4: Click on “Join the Editorial Board” or "Become a Reviewer" under the "Join" section.
Editorial Board

Benefits & Responsibilities for Editorial Board Members

As part of the community of SciencePG, our editorial board members hold a pivotal role. They not only oversee the quality and relevance of manuscripts but also contribute to the shaping and progression of our journals. As an editorial board member with SciencePG, you can expect to be at the cutting edge of developments in your field, interacting with peers, and gaining valuable insights into the publishing landscape.

  • As an Editorial Board Member, You will Benefit from:

    Enhance your academic influence and enrich your resume.
    Receive a certificate acknowledging your contributions to the journal.
    Have your name listed on the journal website.
    Gain access to the latest research in advance and make new contacts in your research field.
    Network with other scholars in your field and broaden your academic connectivity.
    Enjoy special discounts on Article Processing Charges.
  • The Responsibilities of Editorial Board Members:

    Advise on journal policy and scope.
    Review submitted manuscripts.
    Assist the editor(s) in decision-making over issues such as plagiarism claims and submissions.
    Attract new authors and submissions.
    Promote the journal among your colleagues and peers.
    Assess the relevance and appropriateness of proposed Special Issues within the scope of the journal.
    Propose a Special Issue and serve as the lead guest editor.

Qualification & Requirements for Editorial Board Members

At SciencePG, we believe that our editorial board members play crucial roles in maintaining the high standard and integrity of our journals. To ensure that we have a team of competent and dedicated individuals steering the academic direction of our publications, we have certain qualifications and requirements that need to be met by potential applicants.

Our qualifications and requirements for a potential editorial board member are as follows:

A minimum of 4 years of research or professional experience in the relevant field of the applied journal.
A minimum of 5 publications on the same topic as the applied journal.
Priority will be given to applicants who hold the rank of associate professor or higher, or who occupy an equivalent position in their field.
Having relevant working experience in editorial roles or similar positions will be preferred.

By adhering to these criteria, we guarantee that our editorial board members are well-prepared to guide the direction and uphold the quality of our diverse scientific publications.


Benefits for Reviewers

Scholars will be entitled to the following benefits when working with SciencePG as reviewers.

Enhance your professional reputation through peer review involvement.
Access cutting-edge research and expand your academic network.
Receive a personalized reviewer certificate for your contribution.
Enjoy exclusive discounts on Article Processing Charges when publishing with SciencePG.

Requirements and Responsibilities of Reviewers

Reviewers play an indispensable role at SciencePG, as they bear significant responsibility for upholding the integrity of scholarly content. Reviewers are expected to provide a fair, objective, and timely evaluation of manuscripts.

  • Reviewers for SciencePG should meet the following criteria:

    A minimum of 3 years research or professional experience in the relevant field of the applied journal.
    A minimum of 3 publications on the same topic as the applied journal.
    Priority will be given to applicants who hold doctoral degrees.
    Preference will be given to those with relevant reviewing experience.
  • Reviewers for SciencePG are expected to:

    Assess the scientific quality of the manuscript with their expert knowledge.
    Prepare comprehensive and detailed review reports, and remain responsive throughout the peer review process.
    Uphold the highest standards of professionalism and ethics, avoiding personal, financial, or intellectual biases, focusing solely on the research quality and written presentation of the manuscript.
    Preserve confidentiality throughout the review process, not disclosing or using any unpublished information or communicating the manuscript content without prior consent from SciencePG.
    Refrain from contacting the authors directly without SciencePG's permission.
    Suggest citations of the reviewer’s work only when they contribute to the manuscript's academic or technological relevance, not merely to increase citation count or enhance the visibility of the reviewer's work.
    Reviewers are asked to maintain their affiliation updated on their reviewer account to allow editors to identify potential conflicts of interest promptly.
    Complete the review process by providing the review reports within 7-10 days. If unable to adhere to this timeline or an extension is needed, please promptly communicate with the editorial team.